Meet Our Deacons

The mission of Riverbend’s Deacons is to support the leadership and vision of our Elders with practical assistance in the areas of logistics, member care, and stewardship of our resources.

This will be accomplished by Spirit-filled men and women who have talents to share, demonstrate a willingness to serve, show sound judgement and above all function to free up the Elders and church staff to flourish in their areas of ministry.

Our Current Deacons

  • Steve Burchill

  • Gary Charping

  • Tim Floyd

  • Lori Gorman

  • Ross Gorman

  • Sarah Gorman

  • Bruce Harrison

  • Al Heathcock

  • Michael Jones

  • Michael Manning Sr.

  • Wendy Patrick

  • Bob Simmons

  • Jane Simmons

  • Debbie Wilson